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Day Care

Rates: $38 per day.

This rate includes pick up and drop off in our local area.
Dogs are picked up in our air-conditioned passenger van.  All dogs are harnessed and seat belted for their comfort and safety.
Dogs are provided with a full 5 hours of supervised, socialized playtime.  All dogs must pass a personality assessment prior to playing at Dog Days Ranch.

​Drop off day care hours are 8:30am to 4pm  rates are $35/day


Rates: $47 per day for boarding 1 thru 5 days

           $45 per day for boarding 6 thru 15 days

           $42 per day for boarding 16 days and over

All potential boarders are required to provide up to date immunization records including DHPP, Rabies and Bordatella within one year.  Dogs must be spayed or neutered unless approved by the owner.  We require a personality assessment and a trial overnight (free of charge) prior to any dogs staying with us.

2 or more dogs are $45/dog/day 

Summer and Holiday rates do not receive an additional discount.  We do not raise rates but our boarding rates are $47/day regardless of the amount of days or number of dogs.
All dogs receive a full day of socialized playtime at no additional charge.

Note: We do not charge by the size of your dog.  We charge per dog regardless of weight or size.  A boarding day begins the day your dog is dropped off.  If you pick up by 11am the following day then it is just one boarding fee.  If your dog stays for the day but does not spend the night then an additional day fee of $35 will apply. 

We do not calculate boarding fees on a 24 hour basis.