Earl became a part of Dog Days Ranch in July of 2008.  Earl takes care of supervision of the day care/boarding dogs Tuesday thru Friday. All of our clients including the dogs and dog moms and dads all know and love Earl's warm and caring personality.  He is well loved at the Ranch.

Evan and Michelle have owned Dog Days Ranch for 18 years.  Their shared love of dogs helped them create a safe and happy place for people to leave their dogs.   Evan and Michelle love to travel with their two dogs Sundance and D'Artagnan.  Although they take them whenever they can, when they can't take them on trips they found it was difficult to find facilities that could provide the level of care and safety that they felt they wanted for their dogs.   Michelle toured many facilities prior to opening Dog Days Ranch and built this family oriented, indoor/outdoor home away from home for social dogs.  

Kimberly is our part time helper at the Ranch.  She loves animals and is familiar with both horses and dogs.  Her ability to interact well with our pack and our staff make Kimberly a perfect addition to our team.

Corrina has been a vital part of Dog Days Ranch since 2013.  She is invaluable to us here at the Ranch.  She takes care of our crew daily and also  fills in as our overnight caretaker when Michelle and Evan are out of town.  Corrina's love for all animals makes her a perfect match here at the Ranch and  we are exceptionally happy to have Corrina as part of our amazing crew.

Our Staff

Juli is our hard working driver for Dog Days Ranch.  All our passengers are safe and secure when Juli is driving.  Juli also helps out in the yard keeping everything clean and making sure the pups are playing well together.  Juli is a dedicated and integral part of Dog Days Ranch.   We are so lucky to have Juli on our team.